A boy with colorful religious drss
A boy with colorful religious drss
A boy with colorful religious drss
A priest wiith cross in lake tana monastery
A priest with drum
A priest with lalibela cross
A  priest while worshping
A priest with cross & religous umbrella
Al-nejashi mosque in -tigray the first settlement for muslim refugee
Axum tsion where Ark of the Covenant garded here
Bete gioirgis churchin lalibela
birds eye view of bete giorgis church in Lalibela
castel of Gonder
Ceiling of Debrebirhan sellassie- Gondery
DEBRE DAMO monastery
Dungur Palace-of queen of sheba
erecha festival in bishoftu
Ethiopia Christmas local people celebrating
Ethiopian jews celebrating their feast
Front view of Debre Mariam Korkor
Gonder fasil enclosure
Interior of Debre Mariam Korkor
Interior paintings of AbneYimata
Interior paintings of Abune Gebre Mikael
Lalibela christmass celebration
Lalibela Monolithic rock hewn church bete mariam
Meskel demera in Addis Ababa
Meskel festival in A.A MESKEL SQUARE
meskel feast at meskel square
Orthodox festival
Orthodox festival
People in meskel festival
people playing gena
Priests singing with colorful styles
Priests circled demra in meskel square
Religouos festival in Axum Tsion
religous festival, with colorful dance
The castle fassil in gonder
The fallen stele at Axum
The oldest standing church in debre damo with Axumite artechect
The palace of fassil
The replica of Arc of Covenant in the time of timket festival
Timkat festival with the replica of arc of the covenant
Timket feast
Timket festival with the replica of the ark of the covenant
Trinity cathedral in Addis ababa
Youngesters with religious dress singing





Ethiopia, the ancient Christian kingdom, richest historical and cultural heritage in sub-Saharan Africa,



Climatic variations and the isolated forbidding nature of her highlands have made Ethiopia a unique habitat



Culturally Southern Ethiopia is extraordinarily rich with some 45 languages spoken by people of